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This is a blog about Cornwall, a beautiful place where tourists gather every year. It has beautiful beaches, mountains, and historic towns and villages. Whether you are looking for a quiet holiday or one full of adventures, you will find everything here.

The articles in this blog are about Cornwall accommodation, amenities, and attractions. The first thing a tourist looks for when they plan a holiday is good accommodation. This blog will help the readers find one so that they can have a comfortable holiday.

If you live in Cornwall or have visited the place many times, you can write for our blog. If you share your experience of staying in a good hotel, the readers will know what to expect when staying in Cornwall. You can also share your experience of challenges that you faced while booking accommodation.

If you are interested, you need to send your CV along with a short write-up so that we can get an idea about your writing capability. Once you are selected, you can send us articles related to accommodation, amenities, and attractions in Cornwall.

You should give an attractive heading and make sure you write on a topic that will be helpful for the tourists. You need to do some research to find out the best accommodation and learn about the amenities and nearby attractions.

There are many types of tourists; some enjoy indoor activities and a quiet holiday while others enjoy outdoor activities and adventures. So, you need to think about the readers and what information they might seek before writing the articles.

It would be appreciated if you could include images with it to make the articles more attractive. Once you complete writing the article, please send it to us by email. We will give you our feedback. For further information, please contact us.