Things To Do In Cornwall

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Cornwall is a very special place to visit. The place has historical significance, beautiful natural attractions, and many exciting activities.

If you are an adventurous person and don’t like sitting in the hotel room during your holiday, then you can try out these activities.


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Cornwall is a favourite spot for surfers due to the waters. You must surf here and get the best experience. There will be guides, and you can also rent surfing essentials.

Zip wire at Adrenalin Quarry

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There is a zip wire in Adrenalin Quarry close to Liskeard, which is 490 meters long. It is suspended 50 meters above the flooded quarry. If you love adventures and have a strong heart, then you must try this super adrenalin rush experience.

Walk to St. Michael’s Mount

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At low tide, you can walk to St. Michael’s Mount. It is a beautiful location and a photographer’s paradise. If you go there at high tide, then the ferries will take you there. It is a very relaxing activity, but you need to be prepared for a few hours of walking.

Cycling on the Camel Trail from Padstow to Bodmin

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You can go cycling with your family members or friends through the tranquil woods through the old towns of Padstow and Bodwmin. You will also pass the Camel Estuary, where you will get great views of sandbanks, rocky shores, and creeks.

Go trigging in the Helford River

It is a tradition there to go triggering in the Helford River on Good Friday. On this day, the local people collect cockies and periwinkles using forks and spades. You can join the crowd and enjoy this different experience. You can later cook the cockles and periwinkles.

Climb Brown Willy

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This is the highest point of Cornwall, and it’s worth walking to the top. You will love the picturesque journey and love seeing the beautiful town and waters from the top. It is not a very challenging path, so you will enjoy it.

Go fishing in Falmouth Bay

Falmouth Bay is a wonderful place for fishing. You can catch mackerel and other fishes there. Tourists can rent fishing equipment and have a guide as well to catch fish here.

These are wonderful and exciting activities you can do in Cornwall. If you love going outdoors and doing various activities, then you must try these out.